A bit about me:

Spirit Animal: Badminton Birdie and Rat Trap

Noah Nielsen graduated from École national de cirque du Montréal (ENC) in Spring 2016 where he studied object manipulation and acrobatics for three years. Noah’s mission as a juggler is to create an architectural presence by effecting space with the poetry and rhythm of live forms.  The forms he creates through his vocabulary of movement and his prop build into manually executed kinetic sculptures. He composes his performances utilizing his strengths in visual and spatial thinking, informed by the same artistic process that influences his drawing and architectural design. 

Born and raised in Vermont USA, Nielsen’s circus foundation is built on a lifetime of skiing and skateboarding. He is an accomplished cellist and a strong visual artist, leather craftsman, graphic designer, and videographer. In addition to his graduation from ENC, Noah holds a Certificate in Sustainable Building and Design from Yestermorrow Design/Build School.